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     The Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies is published annually by the Society for Hindu-Christian Studies, a scholarly society dedicated to the study of Hinduism and Christianity and their interrelationships. Through its annual meetings and the journal, the society seeks to create a forum for the presentation of historical research and studies of contemporary practice, for the fostering of dialogue and interreligious conversation, carried forward in a spirit of openness, respect and true inquiry.
     The society was founded in November 1994 as a logical extension to the dialogue and scholarship being carried on in the Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin, which first appeared in 1988 under its founding editor, Dr. Harold Coward. Beginning in 2004, the Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin became the Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies.
     The aim of the journal is to create a worldwide forum for the presentation of Hindu-Christian scholarly studies, book reviews, and news of relevant past and upcoming events. Materials selected for publication will be balanced between historical research and contemporary practice and, where possible, will employ analytical and theoretical analysis set within the context of our shared contemporary experience.

ISSN: 2164-6279


The library harvested the metadata of all the articles of the Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies from vol. 1 (1988) to vol 23 (2010), from ScienceGate. The most recent two volumes 24 & 25 are embargoed but individuals living and working in India can request a password for free access to the embargoed volumes by contacting the Internet Edition Editor, Chad Bauman.


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