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The Journal of Human Values (JHV) is a peer-reviewed biannual journal which addresses the topic of human values from a multidisciplinary perspective and provides a fresh approach to understanding the relevance of human values in the present context. The journal offers a broad spectrum of holistic perspectives and best practices to deal effectively with uncertainty and ambiguity in complex and culturally diverse environments. It provides means and methods for celebrating diversity across cultures while ensuring local relevance. It attempts to enlighten individuals and organizations on social, cultural and environmental responsibility.
The journal plays a major role in opening up new frontiers of knowledge creation and dissemination, adding value to existing frameworks and practices. Work published in the journal contributes to inclusive and sustainable development. It aims to achieve an authentic synthesis of Western and Eastern approaches to management of human values, at the individual and organizational levels by creating frameworks of knowledge and methods of application of the same.
The journal provides research and insights on concepts and methods related to human values from a wide variety of classical and contemporary literature. Articles are drawn from all over the world and further globally relevant learning.


ISSN: 0973-0737


The library contains all articles of the the Journal of Human Values from vol. 1(1995) no.1 to current, provided from Sage Publishing.


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