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Physicians and health practitioners always deal with ethical issues in treatment and management of diseases. The advent of new biomedical technologies further complicated the moral and societal issues of medical research and practice. Religious and cultural differences more emphasize the need for nationalizing this knowledge. The Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine is an opportunity for healthcare professionals as well as theologians, philosophers, and sociologists to present and discuss their ideas from several aspects in relation to medical ethics and bioethics. In addition this journal traces its roots to several aspects of History of Medicine which further emphasizes on Iranian and Islamic era.

The Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine, which is a scientific and research journal, is a refereed journal as well, and provides an opportunity for scientists and researchers of this area. The papers should be coordinated with the title of journal framework for publication. It is essential to consider the originality of the papers and the contents have not been nor will be published elsewhere in any form or language. Author or authors are responsible for the whole concept and recommendations.

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