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The Journal of Religion and Business Ethics is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the ethical and religious issues that arise in the modern business setting. At the intersection of theory and practice, the journal combines conceptual analysis and normative deliberations in order to shape academic debates and policy decisions.

ISSN: 2153-0319


The library has all the articles of the Journal of Religion and Business Ethics from Vol. 1 (2009) to current.


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Subjects GlobeEthicsLib

  • Global ethics
  • Political ethics
    • Ethics of political systems
    • Governance and ethics
    • Development ethics
  • Economic ethics
    • Business ethics
    • Ethics of economic systems
    • Labour/professional ethics
    • Trade ethics
    • Consumer ethics
  • Cultural ethics
    • Media/communication/information ethics
    • Cultural/intercultural ethics
  • Methods of ethics
    • Theological ethics
    • Philosophical ethics
  • Environmental ethics
    • Resources ethics
    • Ethics of global commons
  • Rights based legal ethics

Subjects GlobeTheoLib

  • Comparative religion and interreligious dialogue
    • Sociology of religion
  • General theology/other