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The Korean Society for the History of Medicine(KSHM) was founded on April 30th, 1947. Kim Doo-jong, the pioneer of Korean medical history, historian Lee Byung-do, and other doctors such as Yun Il-sun, Paul Choy, Lee Kap-soo, Park Byung-lae, Song Sok-ha participated in founding the KSHM.

Although the KSHM organized many academic activities, it failed to broaden its membership and draw wide attention of medical profession as well as the public on account of its specialty and rarity. Nevertheless, annual meeting was held until 1970s, but it underwent a dormant period during the 1980s.

The Society, however, made a new launch in 1991. As a result, the annual academic meeting was resumed from 1991, which was doubled from 1993, and symposiums, workshops and monthly meeting are being organized. And in addition, the society began to publish its official journal in 1992. Most encouraging sign of all is that the journal gained an international recognition by being indexed in the prestigious medical database MEDLINE.

And another encouraging sign for the future of the society is that the number of young researchers of the field is increasing. The Society will not be satisfied with recent achievements and it will continue to make efforts to become the center of the historical studies for medicine in Korea.


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