Collection Description

Latin American Christianity / Theologies Collection

This collection has a focus on Latin American Christianity and theologies. It is a thematic effort that has been pursued by South America Regional Programme team since 2011, thanks to a small hub of committed librarians, theologians and experts in applied ethics, who have been doing the enormous work of submitting and indexing thousands od documents in the collection.

This collection is structured by Theology subjects, and contains mainly documents in Spanish and Portuguese. This collection makes known the theological research in the context of Latin America, while facilitating networking and research on Latin American Theologies locally and globally.

Classification Tree

1 Ecumenism
        11 Ecumenical Movement

2 Intercultural and contextual theologies
        21 Missiology
        22 Intercultural theologies
        23 Postcolonial theologies
        24 Gender and theology
        25 Feminist theologies
        26 Liberation theologies
        27 Indigenous theologies
        28 Latin American theologies

3 Christian denominations
        31 Roman Catholic
        32 Anglican
        33 Lutheran
        34 Methodist
        35 Reformed, Presbyterian, Congregational
        36 Baptist, Adventist
        37 Pentecostal, Charismatic
        38 Evangelical

4 Comparative religion and interreligious dialogue
        41 Christian-Jewish
        42 Christian-Muslim
        43 Sources, sacred texts
        44 Religious pluralism
        45 Theology of religions
        46 Sociology of religion
        47 History of religion
        48 Philosophy of religion
        49 Founders, leaders of religions

5 History of Christian missions

6 Biblical Theology
        61 Biblical hermeneutics, Interpretation of the Bible
        62 Biblical Theologies
        63 Intercultural Studies

7 Dogmatics
        71 Creator and Creation
        72 Jesus Christ
        73 The human being
        74 Salvation/liberation
        75 Public, political theology

8 Practical theology and theological education
        81 Teaching of theology, ecumenism, religions
        82 Liturgy, spiritual formation
        83 Ministerial and pastoral training
        84 Theological courses
        85 Theological schools, associations

Theses and Dissertations

New Articles

Liberalization of Abortion in Argentina: Implications of the Values Embedded in the Nation's Legislative Power, the Influence of the Catholic Church and the Contrast with the Uruguayan Experience
Mothers in the Family of Saints: Gender and Race in the Making of Afro-Brazilian Heritage
Teologija osvoboditve in teorija sociologije religije
Der andino-katholische Synkretismus im urbanen Bolivien am Beispiel der Motorfahrzeugsegnungen
The History of Early Modern Medicine in New Spain, El Primero Sueño, and Poet Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz