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The Mens Sana Monographs is a Monograph Series Devoted to the Understanding of Medicine, Mental Health, Man and their Matrix. It attempts to give in-depth understanding of Psychiatric/ Biomedical / Psychological/Philosophical consequences of social disorders / issues and current events. It does so through Analysis and Opinion articles and Monographs, avoiding technical jargon as far as possible, but based on evidence and research studies. Every monograph is to be followed by enlightened discussion on the issues raised by interested readers / scholars.

The Mens Sana Monographs provide a wide platform for serious discussion by psychiatrists, other medical scientists and clinicians, social scientists, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists and other thinkers interested in exploring social issues with scientific rigour.

The middle path, comprehensivity, evidence and eclecticism are the four main pillars of MSM. [See Conceptual Foundations at ]

Mens Sana Monographs started publication in May 2003 and was published bimonthly earlier. From Jan 2007, MSM is published annually.

MSM Editors are Ajai R. Singh MD and Shakuntala A. Singh PhD. It has an Honorary International Editorial Advisory Board comprising of select eminent personalities from all over the world in the fields of medicine, humanities and medical journal editing. It also has a Peer Review Board.

MSM is an open access peer reviewed journal [ISSN 0973-1229; eISSN 1994-4014] whose every volume is also published as a book, with a separate ISBN number. All its articles are full text free access at . It has an international scope of authorship and readership.

MSM is a not for profit venture. Its firm commitment is to quality and dissemination of knowledge. It believes in justice and fair play, and being author-friendly. It has no private agenda to fulfil, and firmly believes in forwarding biomedical advance, research integrity, and human/social advancement, and especially protecting the integrity of the scientific record. It encourages deeper understanding of health, health policy, ethics, human life and human rights. It forwards critical, original thinking in all aspects of biomedicine and related issues in the social sciences and the humanities. It accepts the URM of ICMJE, especially as related to editorial policies, peer review, informed consent, conflict of interest, and human and animal experimentation.

Monographs Published

  1. Psychiatric consequences of WTC collapses and the Gulf war (May 2003)
  2. Towards a suicide free society: Identify suicide prevention as public health policy (July-Aug 2003)
  3. What shall we do about our concern with the most recent in psychiatric research? (Sept-Oct 2003)
  4. Replicative nature of Indian Research, Essence of scientific temper, and the future of scientific progress (Nov-Dec, 2003)
  5. Gandhi on religion, faith and conversion: secular blue print relevant today (Jan-Feb 2004)
  6. The goal: health for all – the commitment: all for health (Mar-April 2004)
  7. Psychiatry science, religion and health (MSM annual May-Oct 2004)
  8. Ideological conflicts and their resolution in psychiatry (Nov 2004-Feb 2005)
  9. Medical practice, psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry; and ever the trio shall meet (Mar-Oct 2005)
  10. Medicine as a corporate enterprise, patient welfare centered profession or patient welfare centered professional enterprise? (Nov 2005- Feb 2006)
  11. What medicine means to me (Mar-Dec 2006)
  12. Medical practice and the pharmaceutical industry: and ever the duo shall meet (Jan-Dec 2007)
  13. Medicine, mental health, science, religion and well being (Jan-Dec 2008)
  14. Some issues in women's studies, and other essays (Jan-Dec 2009)


Contributors Contributors to these monograph series are well known in their respective fields. To name a few: Jerome P. Kassirer, C. Robert Cloninger, Frank Davidoff, K.W.M. Fulford, Robert Kaplan, Ruth Chadwick, George E. Vaillant, John Hoey, Harvey Markowitch, Joel Lexchin, Donelson Dulany, Helen Herrman, Lynne Layton, David Healy, Elizabeth Wager, Shaukat Ali Jawaid, Glenn D. Reeder, Peter Q. Eichacker, Sander Gilman, Charles Natanson, Jalil Safaei, E. Mohandas, Jayant V Narlikar, Martin B Van der Wayden, William Hirstein, Elise Langdon-Neuner, John B. Pryor, Alfredo Periera Jr., Sunil Pandya, Leemon McHenry, Morten Hesse, Roy Sugarman, J.K. Trivedi, Vance Berger, Eugene L. Arnold, Dorte Hecksher, Murali and Jayita Poduval, Ajit V. Bhide, N.N. Wig, Adamson S. Muula, J. Rosser Matthews, Samir Malhotra, N. Shafiq, Anil Kumar Mohapatra, H. Sareen, M. Dhyani, D. Goel, V. Balakrishnan, K.P. Dave, Avinash De Sousa, Cortney Davis, Kristina Brenner, Shreedhar Krishna, Daniel Raveh, M. Bandisode, A.R. Singh, S.A. Singh etc.


  1. The Mens Sana Monographs is closely associated with an International Seminar on Mind, Brain and Consciousness to be organised on 14-15 Jan 2010 where internationally acclaimed researchers will present papers. Details are at See also Pdf file at: Seminar of 2010.pdf
  2. The forthcoming Monograph 2010 will be on 'Psychopharmacology Today'. See Call for Papers


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