Collection Description

The Methodist and Wesleyan Studies collection provides access to resources on Methodist and Wesleyan theology and studies as a resource for teaching, learning and research.

The Methodist and Wesleyan Studies Collection is a joint project of the GlobeTheoLib and the Methodist e-Academy with the support of the World Methodist Council to develop an online library of Methodist studies resources that will be available to scholars and students free of charge throughout the world.  

Classification Tree: Overview

FC1     Themes
             FC10   Foundational Texts
             FC11   History of Methodist and Wesleyan Traditions
             FC12   Methodist Doctrine
             FC13   Contemporary Methodism
             FC14   Theological studies
             FC15   Methodist Ethics

FC2     Worship Resources
            FC21   Sermons
            FC22   Hymnology
            FC23   Prayers
            FC24   Liturgical and Worship Material

FC3     Teaching and Educational resources
            FC31   Educational material 1
            FC32   Educational material 2

FC4     Reference Works
            FC41   Encyclopaedias
            FC42   Dictionaries
            FC43   Biblical Commentaries
            FC44   Bibliographies
            FC45   Handbooks
            FC46   Biographies
            FC47   Other

FC5    Institutional documents
           FC50   Methodist Organisations and Institutions
           FC51   Methodist Churches


Classification Tree: Details

FC1    Themes

           FC10    Foundational Texts
                         FC1001    John Wesley – Sermons
                         FC1002    John Wesley - Notes upon the New Testament
                         FC1003    John Wesley – Journals
                         FC1004    John Wesley – Letters
                         FC1005    John Wesley - Other Works
                         FC1006    Charles Wesley - Hymns

           FC11    History of Methodist and Wesleyan Traditions
                         FC1101    Key personalities
                                           FC110101    John Wesley
                                           FC110102    Charles Wesley
                                           FC110103    George Whitefield
                                           FC110104    Susanna Wesley
                                           FC110105    Francis Asbury
                                           FC110106    Thomas Coke
                                           FC110107    John William Fletcher (Jean Guillaume de la Fléchère)
                         FC1102    Beginnings of Methodism (Pietism, Moravians, Church of England)
                         FC1103    18th century
                         FC1104    19th century
                         FC1105    20th century
                         FC1106    The diversity within the Wesleyan and Methodist Traditions
                         FC1107    Methodism and missions
                         FC1108    Methodism and the Ecumenical Movement
                         FC1109    Methodism and World Christianity

            FC12    Methodist Doctrine
                         FC1201    Prevenient Grace
                         FC1202    Justification
                         FC1203    New Birth
                         FC1204    Assurance
                         FC1205    Sanctification – Holiness - Christian Perfection

            FC13    Contemporary Methodism
                         FC1301    Asia
                         FC1302    Africa
                         FC1303    Europe
                         FC1303    Latin America
                         FC1304    North America
                         FC1305    Middle East
                         FC1306    Oceania

            FC14    Theological studies
                         FC1401    Biblical Studies
                                           FC140101    Old Testament
                                           FC140102    New Testament
                                           FC140103    Biblical hermeneutics, Interpretation of the Bible
                                           FC140104    Biblical Theologies
                                           FC140105    Intercultural Studies
                         FC1402    Systematic Theology
                                           FC140201    Jesus Christ
                                           FC140202    Holy Spirit
                                           FC140203    Divine Unity (Trinity)
                                           FC140204    The human being
                                           FC140205    Salvation/liberation
                                           FC140206    Sacraments/community
                                           FC140207    Eschatology
                                           FC140208    Creeds, confessions
                                           FC140209    Apologetics and polemics
                                           FC140210    Ecclesiology
                                           FC140211    Public, political theology
                         FC1403    Intercultural and contextual  theologies
                                           FC140301    Missiology
                                           FC140302    Ecumenical theologies
                                           FC140303    Intercultural theologies
                                           FC140304    Postcolonial theologies
                                           FC140305    Black theologies
                                           FC140306    Gender and theology
                                           FC140307    Feminist theologies
                                           FC140308    Liberation theologies
                                           FC140309    Indigenous theologies
           FC1404    Comparative religion and interreligious dialogue
                                           FC140401    Sociology of religion
                                           FC140402   History of religion                    
                                           FC140403    Philosophy of religion                    
                                           FC140404    Founders, leaders of religions                    
                         FC1405    Practical theology and theological education
                                           FC140501    Methodist and Wesleyan Church polities
                                           FC140502    Spiritual formation and Small groups (classes and bands)
                                           FC140503    Lay preachers and leaders                    
                                           FC140504    Teaching of theology, ecumenism, religions
                                           FC140505    Liturgy, spiritual formation
                                           FC140506    Training of church leaders
                                           FC140507    Ministerial and pastoral training                    
                                           FC140508    Lay Formation
                                           FC140509    Theological courses
                                           FC140510    Theological schools, associations
                                           FC140511    Practical theology

FC15    Methodist Ethics
             FC1501    Global ethics
             FC1502    Political ethics
             FC1503    Economic ethics
             FC1504    Methods of ethics
             FC1505    Bio ethics
             FC1506    Community ethics
             FC1507    Environmental ethics

FC2    Worship Resources
            FC21    Sermons
            FC22    Hymnology
            FC23    Prayers
            FC24    Liturgical and Worship Material

FC3    Teaching and Educational resources
            FC31    Educational material 1
            FC32    Educational material 2

FC4    Reference Works
            FC41    Encyclopaedias
            FC42    Dictionaries
            FC43    Biblical Commentaries
            FC44    Bibliographies
            FC45    Handbooks
            FC46    Biographies
            FC47    Other

FC5    Institutional documents

            FC50    Methodist Organisations and Institutions
                         FC5001    World Methodist Council
                         FC5002    Methodist Centres
                         FC5003    Universities, Schools
                         FC5004    Methodist Associations

            FC51    Methodist Churches



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