Methodist and Wesleyan Studies
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The Queen Street Methodist Churches of 1864 and 1886, Kingston, Ontario
A pastoral care model to refugees within the Metropolitan Methodist Church of Southern Africa of Pietermaritzburg.
Secession and revival: Louth Free Methodist Church in the 1850s
Methodists and Lynching: Racial Violence and The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1880-1930
Methodist allegiance in South Nottinghamshire parishes 1770-1875
Reinventing Redemption: The Methodist Doctrine of Atonement in Britain and America in the Long Nineteenth Century
The history of Methodism in Southern California and Arizona, 1850-1939
Korean Ministerial Appointments to Hawaii Methodist Churches
Church Membership and Pastoral Authority in The United Methodist Church and Its Antecedents
The United Methodist Church at 40: Where Have We Come From?
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