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Focus and scope: As the distant future of the 21st century wedged its way into the unforgiving past, thereby becoming our present; with it came unprecedented biological and technological discoveries. The convergence of inventions in these disciplines, while welcomed by most, has led to some degree of trepidation of nearly all. Fear of the unknown emerges as we struggle to create meaning to the familiar tune, Red, brown, yellow, black, and white, all are precious. Does the all now include that which is quietly dividing outside the home of a warm uterine lining? Does the all include those who need, but cannot afford to have the transplant, implant, or new identity? Are the all those who affirm choice? Or, does the all exclude those who exercise choice? Do we say hello or goodbye to Dolly? At what point does the gray turn to the more comforting zones of white and black for us? Or, will it ever? And, perhaps more importantly, should gray disappear? These and other issues are but tips of a burgeoning field of ethical issues for which health care providers, philosophers, scientists, theologians, politicians, attorneys, academicians, and other professionals, in addition to the public are forced to grapple with.
Hence, it is the purpose of this on-line ethical journal to provide a forum to inform ethical debates from a holistic worldview. Clearly, this approach demands a multicultural, multidisciplinary team of scholars open to challenges of their ontologies. While editors do not purport that readers will be left without a reasonable doubt regarding one's ethical quandaries, what is promised is the presentation of scholarly works known for their veracity and challenges to the commonly believed and generally accepted notions of truth and right. This philosophy demands the presentation of works which are not just expedient for the hour, but which form the basis of principles for the future. Works presented consist of clinical cases studies, poems, songs, art, dilemmas, ethical papers from renown experts and novices, and electronic bulletin board interactive chats, to name a few. Collectively, these varied forms of expression, while endorsed by some, will not be agreeable to all. What is promised though is a forum wherein expression of ideas is valued and encouraged.


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