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Philonsorbonne is the Doctoral School of Philosophy of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne University's journal, created in partnership with the "Publications de la Sorbonne". Its main purpose is to publish papers written by Master Students or PhD students, choosen for their excellence, and, should such be the case, experienced researchers's works, namely those of the guest professors who participate to the Doctoral School of Philosophy's activities. Its aim is to help young searchers to make their works known and to show the scope of activities of the Doctoral School and its different components in the fields of Ancient and Modern History of Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy, Logic, History and Philosophy of Sciences, Moral and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics.

ISSN: 2270-7336

Coverage libraries has all the articles of philonsorbonne from vol. 7 (2001) to current.


Copyright for articles published in this journal is retained by the journal.

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Subjects GlobeEthicsLib

  • Political ethics
    • Ethics of political systems
    • Legal/rights ethics
  • Economic ethics
    • Ethics of economic systems
  • Cultural ethics
    • Media/communication ethics
    • Secularisation and ethics
  • Religious ethics
    • Spirituality and ethics
  • Methods of ethics
    • General and historical
    • Philosophical ethics
  • Bio ethics
    • Medical ethics
    • Health ethics
  • Community ethics
    • Gender ethics
    • Minority ethics
  • Environmental ethics

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  • General theology/other