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Philosophical Ethics

                                                                                                                                                       Albrecht Dürer (1506), Study of Hands

The Philosophical Ethics collection gathers resources about major themes in philosophical ethics (abbr φethics), with a list of some major philosophers' personal webpage, in order to discover φethics, as close as possible to the author and to the dynamic of his latest research. 

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GA Philosophical Ethics 
GA1 Reference works
GA2 Education and philosophical ethics by geographical areas 
GA3 Philosophical traditions in ethics
GA4 Systematic φethics themes
GA5 Ancient historical φethics themes
GA6 Modern historical φethics themes
GA7 φethics and Open Educational Resources
GA8 Other

Classification tree

GA Philosophical Ethics Collection

GA1 Reference works
              GA11 Encyclopedias
              GA12 Dictionaries
              GA13 Bibliographies
              GA14 Handbooks/Methodologies
              GA15 Biographies
              GA16 Theses and Dissertations

GA2 Education and philosophical ethics by geographical areas
              GA21 America
                        GA211 North America
                        GA212 Latin America
                        GA213 Caribbean
             GA22 Europe
                       GA221 Western Europe
                       GA222 Central/Eastern Europe
             GA23 Africa
                       GA231 Sub-Saharan Africa
                       GA232 North Africa
             GA24 Asia
                       GA241 Middle East
                       GA242 Central Asia
GA243 South & East Asia
                       GA244 East Asia
                       GA245 Oceania
GA3 Philosophical traditions in ethics
              GA311 African philosophy
              GA312 American philosophy
              GA313 Arabic philosophy
              GA314 Austrian philosophy
              GA315 British philosophy
              GA316 Chinese philosophy
              GA317 French philosophy
              GA317 German philosophy
              GA318 Indian philosophy
              GA319 Japanese philosophy
              GA320 Jewish philosophy
              GA321 Latin american philosophy
              GA322 Russian philosophy
GA4 Systematic φethics themes
              GA41 Value theory
                        GA411 Aesthetics and taste
                        GA412 Normative ethics
                                    GA4121 Consequentialism and utilitarianism
                                    GA4122 Deontology
                                    GA 4123 Virtue ethics
                                    GA 4124 Natural Law
                                    GA 4125 Contractualism
                                    GA 4126 Moral philosophies and moral dilemmas
                        GA413 Social and political philosophy
                                    GA4131 Multiculturalism
                                    GA4132 Minorities
                                    GA4133 Equality
                                                  GA41331 Distributive justice
                                                  GA41332 Egalitarianism
                                    GA4134 Freedom and Liberty
                                    GA4135 Autonomy
                                    GA4136 Philosophy of gender and race and sexuality
                                    GA4137 Democracy
                                    GA4138 Political authority and anarchism
                                    GA4139 Social contract
                        GA414 Philosophy of law
                        GA415 Applied ethics
                                    GA4151 Political Ethics
                                                   GA41511 Ethics of political systems
                                                   GA41512 Legal/rights ethics
                                                   GA41513 Peace ethics
                                                   GA41514 Governance and ethics
                                                   GA41515 Development ethics
                                                   GA41516 Other
                                    GA4162 Economic ethics     
                                                   GA41521 Business ethics
                                                   GA41522 Ethics of economic systems
                                                   GA41523 Labour/professional ethics
                                                   GA41524 Technologies and ethics
                                                   GA41525 Trade ethics
                                                   GA41526 Consumer ethics
                                                   GA41527 Other
                                    GA4153 Cultural ethics
                                                   GA41531 Media/Communication/Information ethics
                                                   GA41532 Cultural/inter-cultural ethics
                                                   GA41533 Sports ethics
                                                   GA41534 Secularisation and ethics
                                                   GA41535 Other
                                    GA4154 Life ethics
                                                   GA41541 Bioethics
                                                   GA41542 Sexual ethics
                                                   GA41543 Medical ethics
                                                   GA41544 Health ethics
                                                   GA41545 Other
                                    GA4155 Community ethics /Social ethics
                                                   GA41551 Lifestyle ethics
                                                   GA41552 Family ethics
                                                   GA41553 Gender ethics
                                                   GA41554 Education and ethics
                                                   GA41555 Ethnicity and ethics
                                                   GA41556 Minority ethics
                                                   GA41557 Other
                                    GA4156 Environmental ethics
                                                   GA41561 Resources ethics
                                                   GA41562 Biodiversity ethics
                                                   GA41563 Animal ethics
                                                   GA41564 Ethics of global commons
                                                   GA41565 Other
                                    GA4157 Religious Ethics
                                                   GA41571 Comparative religious ethics
                                                   GA41572 Inter-religious dialogue and ethics
                                                   GA41573 Spirituality and ethics
                                                   GA41574 Other
                        GA416 Meta-ethics
              GA42 Philosophy of social sciences
                        GA421 Philosophy of economics
              GA43 Metaphysics
                        GA431 Philosophy of action and will
                                    GA4311 Decision theory
                                    GA4312 Philosophy of justification
                        GA432 Philosophy of religion
              GA44 Epistemology
                        GA441 Social epistemology
GA5 Ancient historical φethics themes
              GA51 Ancient European
                        GA511 Greek philosophy
                        GA512 Hellenistic
                        GA513 Latin
                        GA514 Medieval philosophy
                        GA515 Jewish philosophy
              GA52 Ancient Asian
                        GA521 Hindu philosophy
                        GA522 Buddhist philosophy
                        GA523 Confucian philosophy
                        GA524 Jain philosophy
                        GA525 Sikh philosophy
                        GA526 Japanese philosophy
                        GA527 Ancient Arab and Islamic
GA6 Modern historical φethics themes 
                       GA61 Modern European
                                 GA611 17th and 18th century philosophy: British
                                 GA612 17th and 18th century philosophy: European
                                 GA613 17th and 18th century philosophy: Kant
                                 GA614 19th and 20th century philosophy: Analytic and Anglo-American (incl. pragmatism)
                                 GA615 19th and 20th century philosophy: Continental
                       GA62 Modern Asia
                       GA63 Modern Africa
GA7 Open Educational Resources in φethics
GA8 Other

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