Philosophical Ethics
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Cryptotheological defence of the secular. Hannah Arendt's anthropology and the secularisation thesis
Derechos humanos y justicia: herramientas para su conciliación (Defensa de la equidad y la autonomía)
Métaéthique de la croyance : une défense pragmatiste de la responsabilité et de l’autonomie mentale
Ethical Implications for Autonomous Vehicles
Indigenous minorities' claims to land
The involvement of family in the Dutch practice of euthanasia and physician assisted suicide: a systematic mixed studies review
Ethical tensions in the informed consent process for randomized clinical trials in emergency obstetric and newborn care in low and middle-income countries
Values and value conflicts in implementation and use of preconception expanded carrier screening - an expert interview study
Nursing and midwifery students’ attitudes towards principles of medical ethics in Kermanshah, Iran
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