Philosophical Ethics
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The Limits of Rationality: Aristotle on the Possibility of Practical Reason
Elementos para una ética argumentativa
A defense of a Mandevillean conception of virtue
Subjective Moral Biases & Fallacies: Developing Scientifically & Practically Adequate Moral Analogues of Cognitive Heuristics & Biases
Философские основы творчества Сильви Жермен (на примере философско-аллегорического романа «Взгляд медузы)
Techno-Fixers: Origins and Implications of Technological Faith
Pour une astronomie du cinéma : le perfectionnisme moral de Tom Cruise, trajectoire d'une star
Dilemma and Knowledge - Book Review of Re-Imagining Utopias: Theory and Method for Educational Research in Post-Socialist Contexts
La fin d’une énigme
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