Philosophical Ethics
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Voicing Mother Nature: Ecomusicological Perspectives on Gender and Philosophy in Japanese Shakuhachi Practice
The Japanese Way in America: A comparison of the spiritual beliefs, habits, and ideas of the American Religious ‘Nones’ and Contemporary Japanese Nationals
L’héritage de Confucius
Parents’ attitudes towards and perceptions of involving minors in medical research from the Japanese perspective
Florentin Smarandache: law of included multiple-middle: book review
Reuse of cardiac organs in transplantation: an ethical analysis
Сравнительный анализ философских школ индийского, китайского и японского буддизма в свете аберрации ориенталистских мотивов религиозной философии постмодерна
The Development of Confucian Ethics in the Teachings of Itô Jinsai
L'iniciàtic viatge a l'Índia
Mori Atsushi’s the Transformation of Meaning (Imi No Henyō 意味の変容): a Translation and Critical Introduction
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