Philosophical Ethics
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L’agir, l’agent, l’action : Bruno Snell et Jean-Pierre Vernant
The Art of Ethics and the Ethics of Art: Between Kant and Wallace Stevens
Ethical theory regarding metaphysics and epistemology
Philosophy and Politics Perfected: Aristotle’s Greatness of Soul Embodied in Plutarch’s Alexander the Great
Theoria as Practice and as Activity
Convention or Nature? : The Correctness of Names in Plato's Cratylus
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Does Plato Make Room for Negative Forms in His Ontology?
Archelaus on Cosmogony and the Origins of Social Institutions
Remedium memoriae. The Peripatetic construction of the intellectual history of Greece. Dicaearchus’ Biography of philosophy
Elements of environmental ethics in Ancient Greek Philosophy
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