Philosophical Ethics
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For the Wild: Ritual and Commitment in Radical Eco-Activism by Sarah M. Pike
"The studies are probably the best thing that Garfinkel ever wrote": Michael Lynch in conversation with Dominik Gerst, Hannes Krämer & René Salomon
A Phenomenological Study of Academic Leaders at the Marianist University in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Techno-Fixers: Origins and Implications of Technological Faith
Dilemma and Knowledge - Book Review of Re-Imagining Utopias: Theory and Method for Educational Research in Post-Socialist Contexts
Voicing Mother Nature: Ecomusicological Perspectives on Gender and Philosophy in Japanese Shakuhachi Practice
The ethical and spiritual project of Martin Prozesky : influences and interests
In quest for an ethical and ideal post-colonial African democratic state : the cases of Nigeria and South Africa
Senses of Echo Lake: Michael Palmer, Stanley Cavell, and the Moods of an American Philosophical Tradition
The theological-political predicament of American Jewry
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