Philosophical Ethics
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Sir Ashutosh Mookerjee Silver Jubilee Volumes Vol. I Arts and Letters
The Kimberley Process and Certificate Scheme : a classical Aristotelian rhetorical analysis of the international tripartite regime against conflict diamonds
Прокрастинация и администрация
Административните санкции на основания от GDPR
N’oublions pas le futur. Valeurs, justice et taux d’actualisation
Listening/Reading for Disremembered Voices: Additive Archival Representation and the Zong Massacre of 1781
The accidental enterprise: Ethical consumption as commerce
The development of a weighting method for use in life cycle assessments of amine based post-combustion carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the Arctic region
Let’s Invest in People, Not Prisons: How Washington State Should Address Its Ex-Offender Unemployment Rate
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