Philosophical Ethics
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For the Wild: Ritual and Commitment in Radical Eco-Activism by Sarah M. Pike
"The studies are probably the best thing that Garfinkel ever wrote": Michael Lynch in conversation with Dominik Gerst, Hannes Krämer & René Salomon
Techno-Fixers: Origins and Implications of Technological Faith
Do We Make a Sound? An American Morality Play
The Japanese Way in America: A comparison of the spiritual beliefs, habits, and ideas of the American Religious ‘Nones’ and Contemporary Japanese Nationals
Senses of Echo Lake: Michael Palmer, Stanley Cavell, and the Moods of an American Philosophical Tradition
The Habermas-Rawls debate
The theological-political predicament of American Jewry
Reconsidering Judicial Independence: Forty-Five Years in the Trenches and in the Tower
Democràcia, Racionalitat i Educació. La polèmica Dewey-Hutchins en ocasió de 'The Higher Learning in America'
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