Philosophical Ethics
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Voicing Mother Nature: Ecomusicological Perspectives on Gender and Philosophy in Japanese Shakuhachi Practice
The Japanese Way in America: A comparison of the spiritual beliefs, habits, and ideas of the American Religious ‘Nones’ and Contemporary Japanese Nationals
L'iniciàtic viatge a l'Índia
Mori Atsushi’s the Transformation of Meaning (Imi No Henyō 意味の変容): a Translation and Critical Introduction
Using the Master’s Tool to Dismantle His House: Derrick Bell, Herbert Wechsler, and Critical Legal Process
Matters to address prior to introducing new life support technology in Japan: three serious ethical concerns related to the use of left ventricular assist devices as destination therapy and suggested ...
Holistic management – some thoughts on the possibilities of it’s implementation in the West
Réception de la pensée chinoise dans le Japon féodal (1185-1867)
From Farmer to Financial Giant: Shibusawa Ei'ichi's Blend of Confucianism and Capitalism in the Industrialization of Japan
Japón en la Historia del Mundo
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