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This collection contains documents from the association in Berne, Switzerland. Swiss Philosophical Preprint Series is part of the collection. The aim of the Swiss Philosophical Preprint Series is to publish scientific papers in philosophy by philosophers working and living in Switzerland.

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             Global Ethics
             Methods of ethics
Political Ethics

             Economic ethics
             Cultural ethics
             Bio ethics
             Community ethics
             Environmental ethics

             Beauty and values
             Life and death
             Pluralism of values


The Online-Destination is providing the public with an instrument to inform itself about the academic philosophy and research, as well as other philosophic activities in Switzerland.
The envisioned objective is the creation and maintenance of the homepage under the address On this website preferably all information concerning philosophy or activities surrounding philosophy of Swiss origin shall be gathered and displayed. For such purpose the association "" has been founded which also aims to facilitate the flow of information between the public and the academic discourse. Emerging besides that, through the platform, are new possibilities for exchange for students, doctoral candidates, middle school students and those interested in studying. The information covering philosophic university operations in Switzerland has been made accessible by concentrating links and short presentations of institutes and study programs.

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Mensch Philosophisches Themen dossier
Amélioration humaine
Procréation médicalement assistée
Prolongement et maintien artificiel de la vie