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  Postscripts is a fully refereed journal devoted to the academic study of scripture around the globe. The study of sacred texts has historically been a highly technical, specialized and elite practice, held in preserve by religious authorities and professional scholars. As important as this technical and specialized work is, it represents only a small proportion of the rich panoply of engagements with texts that are foundational in the lives of individuals and communities around the world -- texts that travel under the name of 'scripture' or 'sacred' text.

Postscripts takes seriously a broad array of historical and contemporary engagements with such texts and aims to open up the discussion of sacred texts by crossing traditional boundaries, bringing different disciplinary tools to the process of analysis, and opening up a sustained dialogue between and among scholars and others who are interested in religion, textuality, media and mediation and the contemporary world.

From 2011, Postscripts is the official journal of SCRIPT, the Society for Research on Iconic and Performative Texts. Regular membership in SCRIPT includes online access to current and backissues of the journal. To join Script, please click the Membership button at the top of this page.

Postscripts is in the process of publishing backlogged issues in volumes 4 (2008), 5 (2009), and 6 (2010). The journal is currently accepting submissions for volume 7 (2011). Please contact editor Elizabeth Castelli ( if you have further questions about the status of the journal.


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