Protestant Ethics
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A Report on the Workshop "Spiritual Humanism: Martin Luther and Confucianism"
The Korean Poet Yoon Dong Ju's Cross and its Image of Martin Luther
The role played by church and state in the democratisation process in Mozambique, 1975-2004
Chinese Theological Review [Vol. 28, 2017]
Berufung bei Martin Luther und seine aktuelle Relevanz für die Sinisierung des Christentums
Religion and Challenges of Development in Nigeria in 21st Century
The Heidelberg Catechism on prayer: relevance of a 16th century confession for 21st century households?
The Heidelberg Catechism: a hidden creedal text and catechetical manual in the Malawian Reformed Church 1889-2012
Remembering the Heidelberg Catechism in South Africa today? Some remarks on the commemoration of a 16th century reformed confession
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