Protestant Ethics
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Lutheranism and the Nordic Spirit of Social Democracy : A Different Protestant Ethic [Book review]
Electronegativity and its multiple faces: persistence and measurement
Values related to professionalism in dental education at the University of Chile: Student and faculty perceptions
How to handle nanomaterials? The re-entry of individuals into the philosophy of chemistry
Extending Markov games to learn policies aligned with moral values
A new application of the modal-Hamiltonian interpretation of quantum mechanics: The problem of optical isomerism
Partial disclosure of information in the presence of presumable nocebo effects: An ethical analysis Análisis ético de la entrega parcial de información al paciente para prevenir efectos nocebo
A comparative analysis of biomedical research ethics regulation systems in Europe and Latin America with regard to the protection of human subjects
Meta-theoretical frameworks and theological ethics: bioethical decision-making from a reformed perspective
Historicity in Edmund Husserl and Alfred Schutz
1 2 3 . . . 234