Protestant Ethics
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Church responses to the development and use of nuclear energy technology
Diseño de un sistema de riego por aspersión para áreas verdes urbanas-parque zonal Huiracocha San Juan de Lurigancho-Lima
Paul The Venetian’s Hollywood hit piece: Why “The History of The Council of Trent” isn’t really a history.
"Bearing Witness": The Role of Art in Post-Conflict Reconciliation
Lettres historiques et galantes
Martin Luther King Jr. on Economy, Ecology, and Civilization: Toward a MLK Jr-Inspired Ecotheology
Climate-driven disturbances in the San Juan River sub-basin of the Colorado River
Der katholische Rundfunk im niederländischen Rundfunksystem von 1925 bis 1975
God’s Profit: Gottfried Keller’s Literary Engagement with the Core Values of Swiss Protestantism
95 Theses, 500 Years
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