Protestant Ethics
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Towards the installation of the «Catholic Nation». Moral and Civic Education during the administration of Minister Juan Rafael Llerena Amadeo (1978–1981)
The role played by church and state in the democratisation process in Mozambique, 1975-2004
Recrear: la red social que realiza aportes a la problemática del acoso escolar
Church and State Relations: A Pragmatic Conduit for Empowering the Girl Child Through Secondary School Education. A Case Study of Adventist Girls’ Senior High School (ADGISS) Ntonso Ashanti, Ghana
O Pietismo como luto: trauma, repetição e elaboração no Sefer Hassidim
Les relations Églises-États Perspectives protestantes
Encuentros y desencuentros de las mujeres indígenas con las Iglesias católicas y protestantes
Las estrategias del pentecostalismo chileno frente a la pobreza. Un análisis del periodo 1909-1989
Rediscovering humility: religious freedom in a 21st century pluralist society
Tussen secularisering en religiositeit: De dynamiek van protestantse theologiebeoefening
1 2 3 . . . 204