Protestant Ethics
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Présentation de la collection d'éthique protestante
Memory culture in the making: the Heidelberg Catechism in the memory of the Dutch Reformed Church (1862-1937)
Pilgrimage as a challenge to Reformed liturgical praxis
Apart we pray? The struggle of South Africa's Reformed churches to unite a divided nation
Reformation and Reallocation: Religious and Secular Economic Activity in Early Modern Germany
A Protestant Theologian between Ecumenism and Federalism
Revaluación de Juan de Valdés Leal: claves de «In ictu oculi»
La reciente declaración católico-luterana sobre la justificación [The recent Catholic-Lutheran declaration on justification]
La teoría política de Juan Calvino [The political theory of John Calvin]
Justicia divina y justicia humana [Divine justice and human justice]
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