Protestant Ethics
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General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Reading the back page : listening to clergy serving in the presbyterian church (USA) reflecting on professional burnout
Developing more inclusive liturgy praxis for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in South Africa
The spiritual weakness of churches founded by Western missionaries : the cause of the rise of Africa Independent Churches in Zimbabwe with special reference to the Uniting Presbyterian Church in South...
The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon and Rural Missionary Work
The Native Experiment: the formation of the Bantu Presbyterian Church and the defects of faith transplanted on African soil
Presencia presbiteriana en el avivamiento pentecostal de 1909: algunos aspectos desde la mirada musicológica
Misioneros a Colombia [Missionaries to Colombia]
Catolicismo, protestantismo, Trento.
Ethnicity and the church : the case of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana
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