Ramon Llull Journal of Applied Ethics
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Justifying an Adequate Response to the Vulnerable Other
Freedom of Expression, Public Opinion and Journalism in the Work of John Stuart Mill
Values and Development: a Pragmatic Reconstruction
Linking the Moral Hazard and Leverage in Companies
The Ethics of Enhancement: Cognitive Inequalities and Sentient Animals
Servant leadership, empowerment climate, and group creativity_ a case study in the hospitality industry
The Ethical Relevance of Risk Assessment and Risk Heeding: the Space Shuttle Challenger launch decision as an object lesson
Review of Ética en dirección de empresas. Calidad humana para una buena gestión (Pearson 2015), by Domènec Melé
Review of Ética de las finanzas, by Carmen Ansotegui, Fernando Gómez-Bezares, Raúl González Fabre (Desclée de Brouwer, 2014)
The Relationship of Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty: an Empirical Study
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