Collection Description

Responsible Leadership Collection Responsible leadership Collection focuses on various key aspects of leadership, as firstly, developing individual leadership understood as a typology: from charismatic leadership to responsible leadership (RL) including the description of the ethical values and rules underlying the leadership typology. Secondly, responsible leadership is understood in the framework of organisations. It has administrative and governance aspects and needs to be open to an understanding of corporate and organizational cultures, technological and information science related challenges impacting the life of the organisation, and crucial ethical holistic dimensions such as to "walk the talk". Thirdly, leadership between organisations is presented trough different sectors; the economic, the political, the education and research, faith based organizations, or the environment.

Classification tree: Overview
BL0    Sources
BL1    Typologies
BL2    Organisation perspectives
BL3    Economic sector
BL4    Political sector
BL5    Education and research sectors
BL6    Responsible Leadership in faith based organisations
BL7    Responsible leadership and environmental ethics
BL8    Responsible leadership, gender balance and sexuality
BL9    RL corruption indexes, lack of transparency in organisation management
BL10  Geographical areas


Classification tree: Details

BL0    Sources
           BL01    Codes of ethics and responsible leadership (RL)
           BL02    Essays and articles
           BL03    Educational resources

BL1    Typologies
           BL10    From charismatic leadership typologies to RL
                        BL101    Individual autocratic (not only undecent leadership as the military
                                       dictatorship, civilian dictatorship, also theocratic monarchies)
                        BL102    Collective autocratic (family, chiefdom, plutocratic, military regimes
                                       different from dictatorships, aristocratic theocracies)
                        BL103    Collective proto-value based (utility, to be optimised)
                        BL104    Competence focused, non-transformative: single idea of the good
                        BL105    Cooperative, motivating, rule/convention based
                        BL106    Co-responsibility, transformative, justice based not on one "good"
                        BL107    Mix of styles
           BL11    Ethical values & rules based leadership typology
                        BL111    Global and contextual values
                        BL112    Rights protection and legal remedies
                        BL113    Gender ethically committed
                        BL114    Interreligious
                        BL115    Intercultural communication
                        BL116    Young leaders
                        BL117    Ethics in higher education
                        BL118    Bioethics and research ethics
                        BL119    Political ethics
                        BL1110  Ethics of public officials
                        BL1111  Interdependence between sectors of RL

BL2    Organisation perspectives
           BL20    Public sector, private sector and administrations
                        BL201    The bureaucratic and mechanistic view
                        BL202    RL and global governance
                        BL203    RL and corporate governance
                        BL204    RL and business governance
                        BL205    RL and organizational behaviour
           BL21    RL and cybernetic, data, information/communication
           BL22    RL and walk the talk (agency relationships are central elements)
           BL23    RL and human resources
           BL24    RL and contingency (no one size fits all approach)
           BL25    RL and socio-cultural views
                        BL251    RL and corporate culture
                        BL252    RL and organizational culture
                        BL253    RL and corporate citizenship
                        BL254    RL and philanthropy and non for profit activities

BL3    Economic sector
           BL31    Utilitarian leadership: management, rational choice and the market
           BL32    Deontological leadership in the administration: moral quality of an organisation
                        as (deontological) moral quality of the people working in it
           BL33    Virtuous leader: to change injustices not because one is directly responsible
                        but because one can afford it
           BL34    Pragmatic leadership: facing the dilemma of having to choose between two
                        bad choices and choosing the least bad consequences
           BL35    Managerial challenges of cross-cultural, cross-religious rights
           BL36    Managerial challenges of health, psychological and social vulnerability inclusion

BL4    Political sector
           BL41    Liberal-democratic equity principles and utility based responsible leadership
           BL42    Ideal community, reciprocal recognition and equal rights based responsible
           BL43    Christian and democratic equal empowerment based responsible leadership
           BL44    Equal needs based distributive justice, or socialist values based leadership
           BL45    Pluralistic multipolar realistic power balance leadership
           BL46    ‘Glocalisation' and sustainable leadership
           BL47    RL in the international relations
           BL48    The nation state political community values based leadership

BL5    Education and research sectors
           BL51    Responsible higher education management
           BL52    Leadership development for RL
           BL53    RL research and scholarly freedom
           BL54    RL and inclusive education (SDG4)
           BL55    RL and cyber ethics
           BL56    RL cultural rights and rights of autochthone peoples
           BL57    RL of historical and non-historical/migrant cultural communities
           BL58    RL and mother tongue education, the right to education and information
                        in specific languages
           BL59    RL across the Global/North South divide
           BL510  RL contra harmless but unsustainable ethics (escapism, academic anarchism)

BL6    Responsible leadership in faith based organisations
           BL61    RL and religious traditions
           BL62    Orthodox
           BL63    Roman Catholic
           BL64    Protestant
           BL65    Other Christian denominations
           BL66    Judaism
           BL67    Islam
           BL68    Hinduism
           BL69    Buddhism
           BL610  Confucianism
           BL611  Other religions or sects

BL7    Responsible leadership and environmental ethics
           BL71    Sustainable performance through environment ethics motivated leadership
           BL72    RL and sustainable development

BL8    Responsible leadership, gender balance and sexuality

BL9    RL corruption indexes, lack of transparency in organisation management
           BL91    Sustainability reporting GRI
           BL92    Global corporate sustainability, SDG, UN global compact

BL10  Geographical areas
           BL101    Global level
           BL102    Continental level
                          BL1021    Asia -Oceania
                          BL1022    Africa
                          BL1023    Europe
                          BL1024    Latin America
                          BL1025    North America

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