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This periodical (quarterly) is the only general review of comparative law published in France. First issued in 1949, it provides lawyers in all fields and from all countries with information on the evolution of legal science in France and abroad, from the point of view of the academic and practitioner alike. The review contains articles covering the main legal problems of the day and comments on the latest developments from a comparative angle, notes about law in the world today, book reviews on numerous works published recently, both in France and abroad.
An annual index allows the reader to find easily the subjects treated in the course of the past year. In addition, a bibliography of French works is published twice year.
The entire collections of RIDC from 1949 until 4 years before the current year can be visualized on Persée.

ISSN: 0035-3337


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  • Political ethics
    • Ethics of political systems
  • Cultural ethics
  • Family ethics
  • Sexual orientation/gender
  • Religious ethics
  • Bioethics
    • Medical ethics
  • Community ethics
    • Racism
  • Rights based legal ethics