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Robin Cosgrove Prize Collection

About this Institutional Collection is hosting a special institutional collection of documents related to different editions of the Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize.

About the Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize

The Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize – formerly "Ethics in Finance – Robin Cosgrove Prize" – promotes greater awareness among young people throughout the world concerning the benefits of ethics in finance. It aims to encourage high-quality management of banking, insurance and financial services based on trust and integrity. Launched in 2006, this global competition for innovative ideas on ethics, responsibility and trust in financial activities is open to young people, aged 35 years or younger, from throughout the world – professionals as well as young academics. The competition invites creative papers setting out analyses or proposals for innovative ways to promote ethics & trust in finance. The Jury allocates the prize money of USD 20,000 among the winners.

The management of the Prize is carried out by the Observatoire de la Finance, which is a Swiss not-for-profit foundation, and home of the manifesto entitled ‘For finance that serves the common good'. The distinguished international Jury of experts in ethics and finance is co-chaired by Mrs Josina Kamerling (CFA Institute, Brussels) and prof. Paul H. Dembinski (director of the Obervatoire de la Finance, Geneva)

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Robin Cosgrove Prize collection
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