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Rural Theology: International, Ecumenical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives is the journal of The Rural Theology Association. To join or find out about activities or future meetings of The Rural Theology Association, please visit their website. The members' Newsletter, published twice a year, also has this information.
The principal aims of the journal are to promote theological reflection on matters of rural concern, to enhance the ministry and mission of rural churches, and to bring rural issues to the forefront of church and government agenda. The journal is committed to embracing a wide range of theological perspectives, to encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue, and to stimulating ecumenical and international exchange on matters of relevance to religious, political, social and economic aspects of rurality.


ISSN: 1470-4994 /E-ISSN:2042-1273


The library contains all the articles of Rural Theology from 1(2003)- current, provided by Francis & Taylor.


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