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Aim of the Journal: The Internet Journal of Law, Healthcare and Ethics (IJLHE) is a multidisciplinary journal addressing current issues at the intersection of law, healthcare and ethics. IJLHE seeks high quality submissions that are timely and cutting edge that will generate discussion and promote further inquiry. Authors can expect a rapid turnaround of decisions on submissions. Because IJLHE is an open access journal, all articles will be available on the internet to reach a broad audience.
Scope of the Journal: The Journal covers a variety of bioethical topics in the following areas: health law & policy, neuroethics and nanoethics, emerging technologies, philosophy and ethics in healthcare, philosophy & health care ethics, public health & policy. IJLHE encourages authors to submit conceptual and empirical papers ranging substantive articles on the state of the art to commentaries or policy arguments to scientific research, empirical research studies or book reviews. IJLHE seeks to promote a constructive dialogue between scholars in law, philosophy, ethics, medicine, social sciences, and science.
This is a peer reviewed journal. All articles are reviewed by experienced reviewers who make every effort to provide constructive feedback to help authors improve their work. All published articles are archived by Internet Scientific Publications LLC and recognized by The Library of Congress Catalog of Publications.


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The library contains all the articles of The Internet Journal of Law, Healthcare and Ethics from 2000 (1/1)  to current.


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