Conference of World Christianity Study Centres

Workgroup Information



Rev. Dr Dietrich Werner (International Program Coordinator, ETE/WCC )

Mélisande Lorke, MTh (GETI Project Assistant, ETE/WCC)



This workgroup was formed after the WCC Conference of World Christianity Study Centres from March, 14-16 in Bossey. It is for internal follow-up research, exchange of papers and presentation with the long-term aim to create a collection on "World Christianity" on the platform of GlobeTheoLib. 



This workgroup shall be a platform for exchange, communication and discussion between all participants of the conference.


Working Methods

- Exchange through sharing the papers, presentations and reports of the Conference on World Christianity

- Networking and contact sharing

- Developping a collection together


Language(s): English. For other languages, contact the moderators.



Restricted to participants of the conference on World Christianity in Bossey. All papers within this workgroup are not for wider distribution but for internal exchange between the participants only!


Time frame

16 March to 17 October 2013



- October 2013: First draft result before the World Christianity Conference in Boston and before the WCC assembly in Busan