2012 GEF WG09 Transparency in Religious Organizations

Workgroup Information

Christoph Stückelberger in cooperation with Dr. Zora Ledergerber, Integrityline, Switzerland

Business ethics is as relevant to religious communities and organizations as they are to other sectors of society. They often manage large institutions and activities, including schools, hospitals, social, development and emergency programmes. Many of them have large properties. In corrupt environments they are also affected by corruption and they often try to take action against it. The project helps to develop codes of ethics for religious leaders and seeks to implement a test model of the existing online tool "integrityline" in selected religious communities.

Increase transparency for reduction of corruption by establishing
1.    a model code
2.    an online integrityline for whistleblowing
3.    a collection of documents supporting religious organizations

Working method
Exchange as online work group on the Globethics.net platform and by conference calls by phone/Skype
One small workshop to implement the tool integrityline

NN in cooperation with Dr. Zora Ledergerber, Integrityline, Switzerland

10-15 persons from the selected country (most probably India) and an international partner organization.
Proposals of institutions and names from Gloethics.net available and applications through Globethics.net invitations and Global Ethics Forum partner organizations.

Time frame
9/11-7/12: development of model code, document collection and online integrityline
8/12-7/13: presentation and implementation

Expected outcome/deliverables
1.    Code of Leadership for Churches in India
2.    Integrityline for Whistleblowers tested in a religious community/Church in India
3.    Collection of codes and documents in the Globethics.net online library for religious communities

First quarter 2012 strategy and policy for integrityline