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This Journal facilitates the individual and collaborative efforts of hundreds of international researchers who are working to develop innovative and sustainable higher education around the world. The Journal concentrates on the development of degree programmes and the challenges of their recognition, relevance and quality; as well as on teaching, learning and assessment strategies based on a student-centred approach.

The Journal welcomes contributions on the following topics (see more details):
1. Competence-based learning in higher education
2. Academic teachers' professional development and teaching competences
3. Cooperation and partnership building
4. Emergence and development of higher education areas
Publisher: Deusto International Tuning Academy (DITA), University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain


ISSN: 2340-8170 (print)


The library contains the articles of Tuning Journal for Higher Education from vol. 1 2013 to current, harvested from the journal's university repository.


The journal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License CC 2.5 that allows others to share the work with an acknowledgement of the work's authorship and initial publication in this journal.

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