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The University of Ottawa Law and Technology Journal published from 2003 until 2009.The University of Ottawa Law and Technology Journal is a bilingual (English and French), faculty-run, peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to scholarly articles on all aspects of law and technology. The Journal published work on all aspects of this field, regardless of the type of technology, substantive area of law at issue, or theoretical or philosophical focus.
The UOLTJ has made a firm commitment to advancing the free public accessibility of legal information. The UOLTJ supports the use of free public online sources of legislation and case law, in part by adding citations to these public online sources within articles published by the UOLTJ. The contents of the UOLTJ are freely available online on our website
The Journal has adopted these policies since the time of its founding. The Journal's policies are consistent with the Open Access Law Journal Principles, and the UOLTJ was the first Canadian law review to be recognized in the Open Access Law program.


ISSN/EISSN: 17106028 1715006X



The library is in the process of gathering all the articles of UOLTJ from vol 1, 2003 to current, harvested from DOAJ.


Copyright for articles published in this journal is retained by the journal.

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  • Political ethics
  • Economic ethics
  • Cultural ethics
    • Media/communication/information ethics
  • Methods of ethics
    • Philosophical ethics
  • Rights based legal ethics