Economic and Environmental Ethics

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  • Economic Environment iconBusiness ethics
  • Climate change, sustainability
  • Ethics in relation to implementing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals on ending hunger, access to water, sustainable energy and economic growth…

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  • What is the link between ethics and economics
  • What is the ethical perspective of business 
  • How can I contact ethics experts about issues to do with the environment and sustainable development
  • How to include ethics in my organisation

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Latest news on Economic and Environmental Ethics

Book launch invitation: "EcoTheology, Climate Justice and Food Security"

On Friday 9 September 2016, come and join us in Geneva to meet Dietrich Werner when he presents the book that he has co-edited with Elisabeth Jeglitzka: ‘Eco-Theology, Climate Justice and Food...   Read More »

Meet our authors - Aidan G. Msafiri, Tanzania

Portrait of Aidan G. Msafiri, Tanzania, author of the “Globalisation of Concern” volumes in the Focus series   Read More »

New Publication - "Entrepreneurs with Christian Values"

Read our new handbook "Entrepreneurs with Values: Handbook for 12 Modules with a Focus on China".   Read More »

New Publication - "Local Cultural Values and Projects of Economic Development"

Read our new Globethics publication - "Local Cultural Values and Projects of Economic Development"   Read More »

"Ethics in Professional Practice" Conference in Beverly, USA

Participate in the 4th Annual "Ethics in Professional Practice" conference on Friday 5 August 2016 in Beverly, USA.   Read More »
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