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How can we achieve world peace? Through ‘dialogue, good governance and friendship' says Dr Obiora Ike, a professor, ethicist and Executive Director of

The comments were made during a 40 minute radio interview on the GO Uni Radio's 'RoundTable' emission with Alex Ogbodo, which broadcasts in Enugu, Nigeria on 106.9 FM.

The scope of the interview covered a broad range of topics including ethics, intercultural dialogue, leadership and education. Dr Ike speaks from knowledge and experience, with degrees in philosophy, theology, economics, journalism and political science and over 40 years experience working in international organisations.

In response to the common question, 'what is ethics?', Dr Ike replied:

'Ethics is a language that is universally applicable. It refers to the art, manner and process of doing the right things at the right time in the right place, based not simply on morailty but on "principled rational decisions".

Simply put, ethics is the art of serving society by being rational, reasonable and decisive in doing the "good"'.

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