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Obiora IkeIntegration of ethical values needed across sectors and at all levels of education for universal sustainable development

By Obiora Ike, Director

It is indeed an honour and a great responsibility to assist and guide young people, students and researchers as educators. The challenge however for those who teach is to undergo a radical rethink about what and how we teach young people to enable them to emerge as thought leaders and responsible citizens of the world, equipped with skills and knowledge to protect the environment, advance cultures, progress history and preserve the human ecology—body, mind and soul. Such knowledge contains the ingredients of ethics, which is the discipline, process and action of thinking the right thing, of doing the right thing and of living justly. The ethical rationale is the knowledge base of what we learn for life, which has relevance in actions. Here lies a great potential for positive and sustainable change for humanity in the 21st century, confronted by challenges that come from social, environmental, technological, economic, cultural and political upheavals globally. 
Part of the many problems institutions of higher education face in ethics education, particularly in developing countries, is not a lack of awareness of the need for ethics, but rather the lack of adequate and required resources, skills and content towards integrating the discipline of ethics in management and in the classroom. In today's world, more and more attention is given to the critical role of higher education institutions in fostering students to not only be well educated but also to be values-driven, as citizens and as leaders. As such, academic institutions are challenged to ensure that they abide by the highest ethical standards and that they build an ethos on their campus, among teachers, students and administrators, which inspires trust, credibility and hard work. This future starts with a sound interdisciplinary education.
Therefore, a primary concern of society must essentially reflect in what and how we teach young people—the bearers of the future of human civilization! At a time in which we find ourselves in the midst of a complex of issues, rather than offer narrow responses, what is called for requires interdisciplinary approaches. Universities must move from being Ivory Towers of the past to become authentic spaces of balance, inclusivity and access. Higher education institutions are bearers and catalysts for integral development and social mobility, which provide opportunities for the many, regardless of gender or social standing, to address the complex issues of society with broad values founded on ETHICS – here an acronym for: Empowerment, Transformation, Holistic, Integrity, Competence and Sustainability
Strategy Building and the International Conference 2018
In 2017, the Board of Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland, home to the world's largest digital online library on ethics with millions of resources accessible for free and a network of over 190,000 registered participants from 200 territories,  decided to intensify and focus on the integration of Ethics in Higher Education as its key strategic route. This agenda has resulted in consultations and training happening for teachers and stakeholders around the globe. Starting with some countries in Africa, it is planned to extend to Asia, Latin America and within Europe and North America.We need a space for stakeholders in education—teachers, administrators, policy makers, researchers and trainers—to share knowledge and dialogue on how Ethics in Higher Education can be integrated into concrete contexts.
This needed space is our invitation, hereby extended to you to join and participate in the forthcoming international Conference on the theme of 'Managing and Teaching Ethics in Higher Education – Policies, Skills and Resources' from 4-6 June 2018 at the Château de Bossey near Geneva, Switzerland. You cannot be left out of this great opportunity to deepen your understanding and knowledge of applied ethics in the profession as a teacher or researcher, policy maker or engaged educationalist and student.
Education for the 21st century must assist and lead the student to learn to be human, free and responsible with the ability to think, innovate, create and decide his or her own destiny. The teacher has the duty to guide the student to know how to acquire knowledge that is not mere information but knowledge that is reflected upon, offering essential insights needed for effective living. 
The future of humanity rests on some critical key points, one of which is that there can be no sustainable development universally if there are no ethical values integrated across sectors and built within the education industry at all levels. If Facebook were a country, it would be the largest in the world with its 2.2 billion users from every country and generation beyond cultures, religions and ideologies. What policies, skills and resources are available not only for knowledge acquisition, but also for creating the environment for the development and application of basic ethical values and principles practically in the training of the youth, towards overall transformation? 
Welcome to this edition of our Newsletter and be a part of the many activities of the Foundation through our online library, network, products, publications, Conference and social media. 
Obiora Ike Director

upcoming events and training International Conference - Managing and Teaching Ethics in Higher Education: Policies, Skills and Resources in Switzerland, 4-6 June 2018 International Conference. Managing and Teaching Ethics in Higher Education: Policies,Skills and Resources

The aim of the conference is to embed ethics more deeply into higher education institutions and provide resources for ethics education for teachers and stakeholders in order to build strong institutions and responsible leaders and citizens.

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upcoming opportunities

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Ethics in Higher Education in Zimbabwe: Less Universities, more Vocational Training

Ethics in Higher Education in Zimbabwe: Less Universities, more Vocational Trainings
A seminar on Ethics in Higher Education was organised by the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) in cooperation with on 3 February 2018 in Harare, Zimbabwe. 
Sixteen professors and academic leaders from ten public and private universities in Zimbabwe were excited to hear about the focus on Ethics in Higher Education ... Read more

African Church Asset Programme launched in Zimbabwe

African Church Asset Programme launched in Zimbabwe

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Ethics in Higher Education in Ghana: President of Ghana decides to cooperate with

Ethics in Higher Education in Ghana: The President of Ghana decided to cooperate with

"Ethics and values are the foundation to reduce corruption." This was one of the key conclusions of the International Workshop on 'Culture of Integrity, Ethics and Transparency', organised in Accra, Ghana on 8-9 February 2018 by the Kingdom Equip Network (KEN) and five anticorruption and business ethics networks from Ghana. The vworkshop was followed by a visit with the President of Ghana ... Read more

Planting Seeds in Nigeria

Obiora Ike at Godfrey University Nigeria
"Ethics in higher education is no longer a choice, it is a mandate."

In the first half of February 2018 Executive Director Obiora Ike visited partners in Enugu, Nigeria with the Linsi Foundation,  long-standing sponsor of The purpose of the visit was to explore and experience, first hand, the impact, process, reception and lessons for Ethics in Higher Education.   Read more

Peaceland College of Education and working together on Ethics in Higher Education

Obiora Ike at Peaceland College of Education
Dr Obiora Ike, Director, visited Peaceland College of Education (PCE) in Enugu, Nigeria where he had the opportunity to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between and PCE ... Read more


Conferences on the Self and the Other: Exploring Identity and Alterity

The International Conference on the 'Self and the Other: Exploring Identity and Alterity' was jointly organised by the Postgraduate and Research Department of English, St. Aloysius College in Elthuruth, the Journal of Dharma and India on 12-13 January 2018 ... Read more

Meeting on Palestinians' Concerns at the Student Christian Movement of India

Meeting on Palestinians Concerns at the Student Christian Movement of India

Rajula V., Programme Executive at India, represented India in a meeting held on 24 January 2018 at Sudent Christian Movement House, Bangalore. Read more


The problems of interethnic and intercultural communication

The problems of interethnic and intercultural communication

On 30 January 2018 the Institute for Economic Strategies, the host partner of in Russia held a round table event on 'The Problems of Interethnic and Intercultural Communication of the Peoples from Eurasian Space ‘Centuries Together'' ... Read more

Essays digest of the finalists of the global competition "Strategic Matrix-2017" is published

Essays digest of the finalists of the global competition "Strategic Matrix-2017" is Published

In the period from 22 September to 28 December, 2017, the Global 'Strategic Matrix - 2017' Competition was held. The general thematic platform of the Contest was 'Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0'. Competition essays were focused on one of five directions ... Read more