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作者简介 - Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, 瑞士、安哥拉

Jean-Claude Bastos de MoraisJean-Claude Bastos de Morais, born in 1967, is an entrepreneur and innovation influencer with a deep interest in African socio-economic development. In 2009 he founded the African Innovation Foundation (AIF), an organisation which drives African-led development through fostering innovation. He is serving a member of the international Board of Foundation for
His interest in ethics derives from a belief that strong ethical foundations are integral to the success of businesses as well as the overall wellbeing of society and future generations
In 2014 he co-edited "Innovation Ethics: African and Global Perspectives" - a book that has been described as outlining the relationships between innovation, ethics and tradition, and essential for governance. The book was published by in collaboration with the African Innovation Foundation. The motivation behind his book was to address innovation ethics and the ethical innovator from multidisciplinary and international perspectives with a focus on Africa - an endeavour that espoused the perspectives and expertise of 14 contributors writing from four different continents. 
Beyond his work, Mr Bastos de Morais also has numerous interests that touch literature, music, art, science and social impact.

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