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作者介绍: Kahwa Njojo, 刚果共和国

Kahwa Njojo portraitKahwa Njojo, 42, previously served as the dean of the faculty of theology at the Anglican University of Congo. He is now the Chancellor of the Apolo Kivebulaya Anglican University.
Kahwa Njojo followed the theological studies programme at the Protestant University of Congo and received his PhD in 2012: "My interest is New Testament, mainly in exegesis and New Testament theology and ethics" he shares. Why ethics? "I'm interested in ethics because it contributes to the transformation of the society and human behavior."
In 2013, he wrote his thesis in French "Éthique de la non-violence: Études sur Jésus selon les évangiles" (Ethics on non-violence: Jesus's case according to the Gospels): "For two years, I wrote this book because around me I could see people using violence or revenge as a way to solve their problems". This book deals with some questions such as how Jesus fought for social justice in a society where violence was quite common. Which strategy did he use and what was his teaching in front of violence?
Following the publication, Kahwa Njojo held dedicated seminars in some universities, libraries, schools and churches. He keeps promoting non-violence as a way of life to make people reflect on their actions and behavior.

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