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Follow the steps and discover to search theses in Library. As an example we will search for socialists education theses and we will save them on my Zotero library 1. We go...   读取更多 »

Library Tip: Zotero 10 Steps to Build a Bibliography

Learn how to build a bibliography and add quotation footnotes in a Microsoft Word document in 10 easy-to-follow steps.   读取更多 »


1. Use an asterisk to specify variable word forms (outside quotation marks) Use an asterisk (outside quotation maks) to specify variable word forms, e. g. ethic* could help you to find...   读取更多 »

Submit your documents to the Library Submission Collection Library offers to its registered participants the opportunity to submit their own documents in the library and therefore to make them available to the other participants...   读取更多 »


Go to Log in with your email address and password (At the top of the page). Do a search in the library, f.ex. ethics AND "higher education" Select a...   读取更多 »

图书馆提交版权指南 has updated the information on copyright for Library submissions reflecting the new CC (Creative Commons) licenses 4.0 International see ...   读取更多 »

New Library Search Guide

We show you how to Search the Library in 5 Easy Steps! Just follow the 5 steps in this PDF   读取更多 »

How do I Submit a Document in the Library?

1. Register as a participant, click here . This allows you the creation of your user profile, and free access to the library content, network and services. (Alternatively, if...   读取更多 »

Library Tip - How to reset your password

Your login password can be reset in case you forgot or lost it. The following points will guide you in this process: Go to At the bottom...   读取更多 »

Make the Library Your Own Library

Navigate through library with more than 5 million documents. Select your favourite articles and journals, make recommendations to your friends or even submit your documents to be...   读取更多 »


本月的图书馆提示:现在,我们所有的图书馆记录都可以通过Firefox扩展软件Zotero(一种广泛使用的开源参考管理工具)进行导出,通过使用这个工具,我们可以轻松地收集,整理,引用和共享网络上的参考文献。   请按照 本PDF文档 中 所述的说明进行尝试   如果您有任何问题和/或反馈,请发送电子邮件至 ...   读取更多 »


搜索更便捷 我们更新并重新安排了 图书馆主页 ,在这里您可以看到一个类似谷歌的搜索框,您可以直接在那里搜索图书馆数据库。 相同的更改可以在 全球伦理网 的主页上看到。如今我们的图书馆在网站上更加明显!   分享更便捷 ...   读取更多 »

New submission process: share quickly documents with your peers worldwide

All submissions are now automatically and immediately published in Library without any delay. Enjoy the new submission process!   读取更多 »

How to use "My recommendations and favorites features"

Login to :    Check "My Recommendations" under "My Library" on the left. According to your areas of interest (which you defined in...   读取更多 »

Get alerts when new content is posted in your favourite online journals

It is easy to subscribe to the online journals and to get regular email alerts. The Library offers you over 428 journals for free! In order to see the latest...   读取更多 »

New Credo Mind Map

You can access a huge range of encyclopaedias,dictionaries, biographies and handbooks in applied ethics by using the new Credo Mind Map . The Credo brainstorming tool can be used to find...   读取更多 »

How to simple search combining three logical operators

How to use OR, AND, NOT in search OR denotes a disjunction, AND a conjunction, NOT a negation. They can express different meanings:    ...   读取更多 »

What to do if you have lost your password

You can change your login password or request for your password if you have lost it in a very simple way.    A three steps process should solve your issue. ...   读取更多 »