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null Book of the Month: Arts and Health Promotion

Tools and Bridges for Practice, Research, and Social Transformation
J. Hope Corbin, Mariana Sanmartino, Emily Alden Hennessy, Helga Bjørnøy Urke
Springer 2022
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This open-access book offers an overview of the beautiful, powerful, and dynamic array of opportunities to promote health through the arts from theoretical, methodological, pedagogical, and critical perspectives.

This is the first-known text to connect the disparate inter-disciplinary literature into a coherent volume for health promotion practitioners, researchers, and teachers. It provides a one-stop depository for using the arts as tools for health promotion in many settings and as bridges across communities, cultures, and sectors.

The diverse applications of the arts in health promotion transcend the multiple contexts within which health is created, i.e., individual, community, and societal levels, and have a number of potential health, aesthetic, and social outcomes. Topics covered within the chapters include:

  • Exploring the Potential of the Arts to Promote Health and Social Justice
  • Drawing as a Salutogenic Therapy Aid for Grieving Adolescents in Botswana
  • Community Theater for Health Promotion in Japan
  • From Arts to Action: Project SHINE as a Case Study of Engaging Youth in Efforts to Develop Sustainable Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Strategies in Rural Tanzania India
  • Movimiento Ventana: An Alternative Proposal to Mental Health in Nicaragua
  • Using Art to Bridge Research and Policy: An Initiative of the United States National Academy of Medicine

Arts and Health Promotion is an innovative and engaging resource for a broad audience including practitioners, researchers, university instructors, and artists. It is an important text for undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, particularly in program planning, research methods (especially qualitative methodology), community health, and applied art classes.

The book also is useful for professional development among current health promotion practitioners, community nurses, community psychologists, public health professionals, and social workers.

The Library team has chosen Arts and Health Promotion as Book of the Month for August 2022 in view of the upcoming book project Ethics for Overcoming Odious Passions and in which the topic of arts will be addressed and defended to overcome odious passions.

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