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Research Ethics by Disciplines is part of Educational Collections; it is focusing on main disciplines of research and related specific ethical concern. References: CODEX, Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics, BMC, Husarg. 3, Uppsala. ORI, Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research. Classification tree: Overview EE1 Professional ethics EE2 Human... 读取更多关于新收藏:按科学划分的研究伦理 »


Ferreira González, Laura; Thomas Hennemann; Kirsten Schlüter, "Teachers' Perception of an Integrated Approach to Biology and Emotional Learning", Journal of Science Education for Students with Disabilities, Vol. 22, No. 1 - 2019 Available from: Inclusive education requires that teachers not only teach academic knowledge and... 读取更多关于本月文章:从教师角度看生物学和情感学习的综合方法 »

新收藏: 研究伦理哲学

Research ethics philosophical focuses on the relations and differences between ethics and research, between on one side an instrumental rationality, which rules sciences and technical innovation, and the ethical dimension of the human action. It gathers documents on research understood philosophically as, on one side, a possible way to renew life, thus on research as an ethics of... 读取更多关于新收藏: 研究伦理哲学 »


Transformation of post-socialist educational systems is perhaps one of the most interesting and at the same time underestimated in its importance, developments in the history of comparative education. After the three decades of post-socialist development one can note significant differences between the countries which once had identical 读取更多关于本月书中一章推荐:现代社会的教育 »

每月一文: 网络攻击的伦理-语言问题

Please check this month's abstract selected book from the Library, available on our library for free 读取更多关于每月一文: 网络攻击的伦理-语言问题 »

新收藏:责任领导力 responsible leadership collection focuses on various key aspects of leadership, as firstly, developing individual leadership understood as a typology: from charismatic leadership to responsible leadership (RL) including the description of the ethical values and rules underlying the leadership typology. Secondly, responsible leadership is understood in the framework of... 读取更多关于新收藏:责任领导力 »


The corruption and transparency collection aims at providing documentation and basic thematic reflections around the term "corruption". Corruption denotes "dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery" (Oxford Dict.). Avoiding conditions that favour a lack of transparency is complex because at all levels there might be a dominating... 读取更多关于新收集:腐败与透明度 »


Gender is a term which is used to denote "a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female" (Oxford Dict., OUP), but which stand for a social construct, by opposition to a reduction to a psycho-physiological determinism. Gender and Theology collection gathers over 40,000 items in the intersection of gender and theology with a... 读取更多关于新收集:性别与神学 »


Please check this month's book selected from the Library, available on our library for free 读取更多关于月度书籍:迈向共同的、可持续的未来 »

Library Overview 2018 - Building capacities through access to knowledge

The Library Team, committed for open and global access to knowledge 2018 has been an important and rich year for the growth of Library content, thanks to the creation of new collections, the submission of new journals and the strategic partnership with the University of Tübingen. This partnership has allowed the Library to offer more than... 读取更多关于Library Overview 2018 - Building capacities through access to knowledge »