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How to export your search results in Zotero



Library tip: How to export your search results in Zotero

Our Librarians have made a short tutorial to help you navigate Zotero, alongside a step by step guide on how to export your search results in Zotero.   读取更多 »

Library tip: How to subscribe to new content in the Library

You want to stay up to date with the latest publications in the field of your research? Watch our latest tutorial on how to subscribe to the hundreds of collections and/or journals of the...   读取更多 »

Library Tip: Export and share your citations/references

This Library tip shows you how to export all your search results in various formats: BibTex, EndNote, RefMan and CSV and import them in Zotero . You will also learn how to make a selective...   读取更多 »

Library tip: Author profiles - a way to promote your work in the Library

    Discover the new author profile section at the Library . This new, free-to-use feature has been built to help you promote your work to both your...   读取更多 »

图书馆攻略: 如何搜索全球伦理网图书馆

  以下指南将帮助您找到全球伦理网新图书馆的通行方式并熟悉新的重要功能   点击 这里 阅读全球伦理网新图书馆搜索指南。   如果您需要进一步的帮助、有任何疑问或意见,请随时通过电子邮件与我们联系(  )。    ...   读取更多 »