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谁为农民工的健康买单/Who Pays for the Health of Migrant Workers

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谁为农民工的健康买单/Who Pays for the Health of Migrant Workers
corporate social responsibility 2009 winning paper
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The Paper “Who Pays for the Health of Migrant Workers? — Research on Enterprises’ Social Responsibility on the Occupational Health of Migrant Workers”, written by Liu Xixi from Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, is the First Prize of 2009 Collegiate Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Competition, which is organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE, Beijing. The whole paper can be found in the attachment.

Who Pays for the Health of Migrant Workers?
—Research on Enterprises’ Social Responsibility on the Occupational Health of Migrant Workers

Abstract: In the recent years, migrant workers have suffered serious occupational hazard, which has become a prominent issue among small and medium sized enterprises and brought adverse impact on the harmonious development of the society. From the perspective of corporate social responsibility, the thesis demonstrated the fact that enterprises fail to assume adequate responsibility for the occupational health of migrant workers which is attributed to their lack of social responsibility. The thesis also proposed relevant measures for enterprises to improve occupational health of migrant workers, including strengthening corporate social responsibility, improving working conditions, holding professional training for migrant workers. What’s more, governments, multinational companies, trade unions and other NGOs also play an important role in enterprises’ fulfillment of corporate social responsibility.

Keywords: corporate social responsibility; migrant workers; occupational health
附件: Who Pays for the Health of Migrant Workers.PDF (158.4k)

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