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全部新闻 New Partnership with WCC

14 May 2019 — has signed a new contract with the World Council of Churches (WCC) to develop and support their online education, publications and resources related to the...   读取更多 »

Reaching Romania youth is pleased to announce the appointment of Teodora Chifor as National Contact for Romania as of April 2019. Teodora Chifor is specialised in talent and people...   读取更多 »

Creating safe spaces and sacred spaces

Denmark welcomes partners on religion and sustainable development was among 150 participants at the International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable...   读取更多 »

New Collection: Research Ethics Professional

Research Ethics Professional is a sub-collection on research ethics focusing on  professional ethics, on work ethics in the research profession, namely on the specific...   读取更多 »

Newsletter No 4/2019 - Ethics thinking on world days and reading in a digital age

The global community is nourished each year through the services of the United Nations, its implementing agencies and related foundations on the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day (23 April)...   读取更多 »

New Collection: Research Ethics by Disciplines

Research Ethics by Disciplines is part of Educational Collections; it is focusing on main disciplines of research and related specific ethical concern. References:...   读取更多 »

Article of the month: Teachers' Perception of an Integrated Approach to Biology and Emotional Learning

Ferreira González, Laura; Thomas Hennemann; Kirsten Schlüter, "Teachers' Perception of an Integrated Approach to Biology and Emotional Learning", Journal of...   读取更多 »

Cyber Ethics a topic in the Russian Civic Chamber

The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, a consultative civil society institution which analyses draft legislation and monitors the activities of the parliament, government and...   读取更多 »

Student Hackathon to finding solutions for lifelong learning

Images by ITU pictures This year, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Geneva...   读取更多 »

Moral and Ethical Issues in Human Genome Editing

Recent reports of a Chinese scientist who claims to have applied genome editing techniques to human embryos, which were subsequently implanted and resulted in the birth of live babies, means that...   读取更多 »
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