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L'interdépendance des droits de l'homme au principe de toute gouvernance démocratique: Commentaire de Souveraineté et coopérations

Pourquoi la notion de « souveraineté démocratique » est-elle si pervertie ? Pourquoi les États s'en considèrent-ils comme les détenteurs,   读取更多 »

Article of the month: The dazzling darkness of God's triune Love

Garrett, Stephen M., The dazzling darkness of God's triune Love: Introducing Evangelicals to the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar, Themelios, Vol. 35, no....   读取更多 »


Find everything on events, courses, conference coming up and read all about our past events. Check our latest collections, publications and the book of the month   读取更多 »

工作场所的灵性4.0和信仰投资 - 建立桥梁

This publication is a report of two conferences – Spirituality 4.0 at the Workplace and FaithInvest: Building Bridges – organised by the Geneva Agape Foundation which took place...   读取更多 »


The 30 chapters of this book form a panorama across various disciplines on five key themes integrating education or research ethics as research ethics and 1) administration, 2) business/finance, 3)...   读取更多 »

基督教服务事工导论 帮助事工的神学基础

本书是关于教会服务事工作为社会帮助实践的导论。通过其圣经经文依据以及其在教会历史中发展的历史、最后结合服务事工工作的神学依据进行评判性的反省与阐述。书的作者以创造神学为其基本的立场,认为帮助的形式乃是共同人性的现象,却也是属于基督教的信仰,但并非基督教专有。此后的章节中探讨了服务事工的伦理以及现今帮助行动的定位点。   读取更多 »


The University of Zurich is conducting an international online survey about the teaching of research integrity in Europe.    The survey aims to improve the teaching methods and...   读取更多 »


Nigeria is a rising power in both the African continent and on the global stage. It is the most populated country in Africa and has the largest economy in the continent, yet Nigeria is...   读取更多 »


Dr Obiora Ike was invited to give a keynote speech at The BMW Foundation 'thinking space' on the theme of the Good Life and Sustainable Cities 2030.   The aim of the...   读取更多 »


25 June 2019 - The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), a Germany-based development agency that provides services in the field of international development...   读取更多 »
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