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ICDE: Are we flexible enough?

Academic Dean, Amélé Ekué represented at this year's ICDE President's Forum hosted by Open Polytechnic on the 12 April 2021. The theme this year was titled 'Leadership...   读取更多 » India: Reimagining Ethics and Sustainable Strategies in a Post-COVID Society

A national seminar on Reimagining Ethics and Sustainable Strategies in Post-COVID Society was held at St. Jude’s College Thoothoor on the 19 March 2021. The seminar was the result of efforts by...   读取更多 »

Discover new resources on Ethics in Higher Education

New resouces on ethics in higher education are now available via our Library and Publications.   读取更多 »

Hans Küng and Prince Philip: Two outstanding champions of global values

Hans Küng was a pioneer of global ethics and thus a key inspirational source for He died on 6 April 2021 at the age of 93. Hans Küng, Professor of ecumenical theology, was one of...   读取更多 »

The Academy: Planting Seeds Today that will Grow Tomorrow

There may be valuable learning opportunities for us as we build our academic programmes and prepare our organization in this major transition we are undergoing towards becoming a higher education...   读取更多 »

Giveaway competition: Free Academy course has reached 2k followers on Twitter! To thank you for your support and celebrate this milestone, is offering an online course of your choice for free!   读取更多 »

Water Ethics: No water, no life

In celebration of World Water Day, India organised a one day consultation on Water Ethics in collaboration with WME College Coimbatore on the 25 March 2021.   读取更多 »

Newsletter No 4/2021- Copyright, plagiarism and research ethics

Copyright, plagiarism and research ethics play an important role, particularly in the context of UNESCO's World Book and Copyright Day, aiming to promote the best opportunities for reading and...   读取更多 »

Book of the month: Critical Perspectives on Interreligious Education

In Experiments in Empathy: Critical Reflections on Interreligious Education, the contributors provide a roadmap for practicing and developing innovative ways to teach religion that promotes...   读取更多 »

Leadership with Integrity: Higher Education from Vocation to Funding

"This is a person with Integrity." It summarises the values and virtues such as honesty, credibility, justice and respect. Persons with integrity are needed on all levels, from parents to...   读取更多 »
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