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CSR Report on Chinese Business Overseas Operations

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to corporate behaviour that pro actively meets the ethical expectations of the public or voluntarily contributes to the society. The global CSR movement...   读取更多 »

Economic Justice and Welfare for All. Seeking Prosperity and Freedom

The title of the book promises ‘welfare for all'. Of course, that does not mean luxury for all. No, that would be an endless waste that cannot be in anyone's interest. What is meant is...   读取更多 »

Globethics Consortium projects 2018-2020 Publication has published the Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education. Inaugural Meeting 2017 Report . This report gives a detailed overview of the...   读取更多 »

Poetry and Ethics: Inventing Possibilities in Which We Are Moved to Action and How We Live Together

This book on the topic of ethics and poetry consists of contributions from different continents on the subject of applied ethics related to poetry ...   读取更多 »

Contrats de partenariat public privé: Options innovantes de financement des infrastructures publiques en Afrique subsaharienne

Ce livre porte sur les notions de contrat et de partenariat public privé, il indique de manière non complaisante la responsabilité étatique d'assurer aux citoyens des services publics de...   读取更多 »

African Church Assets Handbook

Churches in Africa have vast assets: agricultural land and prime land in cities, real estate in schools, universities, hospitals, churches etc. How can these institutions become less dependent on...   读取更多 » Newsletter on Ethics in Higher Education No 6/2018

Find out everything on our four programmes and resources available on ethics in Higher Education. Check our latest online course on Ethics in Higher Education, publications and journals in our library   读取更多 »

Godfrey Okoye University Lecture: Values, Competition and Integrity Founder and President, Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger was invited to give a lecture and seminar to the academic staff of the Godfrey Okaye University (GO University) and...   读取更多 »

Book Launch: Poetry and Ethics. Inventing possibilities in which we are moved to action and how we live together

Goethe Institute  and are organising the book launch for Global Series new book : ‘Poetry and Ethics : Inventing possibilities in which...   读取更多 »

New partnership agreement with Lux Terra is delighted to announce that the Executive Director, Dr Obiora Ike, signed a Memorandum with the Executive Director of Lux Terra Leadership Foundation , Rev. Fr. George...   读取更多 »
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