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Good Life and Sustainable Cities 2030, Munich, Germany, 23 July 2019

Dr Obiora Ike was invited to give a keynote speech at The BMW Foundation 'thinking space' on the theme of the Good Life and Sustainable Cities 2030.
The aim of the event, held on 23 July 2019 in Munich (Germany), was to explore problems related to civic participation, climate change, health, and mobility that are often concentrated and intensified in urban areas. But despite being the most affected areas, the BWM Foundation believes that cities can serve as a breeding ground for solutions to achieve the Sustainable Developments Goals. was invited to attend the event, among other participants. Prof. Dr Obiora Ike gave a keynote speech during which he expressed the importance of having leaders that act with integrity, according to their values. He also emphasised education as being imperative to responsible leadership — only with values-based education can future generations be ethically equipped to make progress toward achieving the SDGs.
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